Video: P2 GRAPHENE PURE™ Installation

How to Apply P2 GRAPHENE PURE™

In this video, we go over how to apply a P2 GRAPHENE PURE coating to a vehicle. Graphene coatings are the most advanced surface protection technology available. They provide a significant improvement over a conventional ceramic coating. The application process allows more working and correction time during the application process which makes the installation process very forgiving for your detail department. 

Graphene coatings reduce water spotting by up to 75% compared to ceramic coatings. Thanks to their hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties as well as their ability to disperse heat on the vehicle’s exterior surfaces, the coating does an impeccable job of protecting your vehicle from outdoor contaminants, damaging UV rays, and more.

These coatings are backed with a 5-Year Guarantee when applied by a certified installer.

Instructions for application:
1) Ensure the vehicle has been properly prepared for coating, and the paint has been corrected (if applicable) before applying the coating for best results. This coating can only protect from the future, not repair the past!
2) Shake the bottle of P2 GRAPHENE PURE thoroughly (30 seconds – 1 minute).
3) Prime the applicator pad with 7 to 10 drops and spread them evenly.
4) Apply to the panel using a circular motion in 2 square foot sections.
5) Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for the coating to flash (dry) on the surface.
6) When the coating starts to haze (rainbow effect) begin the levelling process. Use one dry microfiber towel to wipe the surface in circular motions. The first wipe intended to level the coating consistently throughout the panel. Do NOT remove the product fully. Remember to use light pressure during the levelling process.
7) Remove the excess coating with your second microfiber towel using circular and side-to-side motions – overlapping your application section.
8) Once the levelling process is completed on the entire vehicle, inspect the area carefully with a flashlight or headlamp to make sure each panel is streak-free. If you see streaking or high spots try using a small amount of mist to level clear. Note: Using too much water to level clear will diminish durability!

IMPORTANT: The cure time (driveaway time) for this coating is two hours on dry days and four hours on wet days.


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