360 Degree Automotive Warranty Coverage SOLUTIONS

We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive Automotive Warranty Coverage available through CoverageOne. The beauty of this aftermarket vehicle warranty is that it covers almost every component of the customer’s vehicle. This maximizes dealer profitability whilst increasing customer retention by offering progressive flexibility at the time of trade-in.

Unmatched warranty solutions


Manufacturer-Like Coverage

For New, Pre-Owned + Leased Vehicles.
Progressive Coverage Options.
Ultimate Plan covers virtually every component on the vehicle.

Peace of mind

Your customers can rest assured knowing that their Vehicle Service Agreement protects them from unexpected expenses caused by mechanical breakdown failures.

Flexibility at time of trade-in

Do your customers want to trade-in their vehicle and cancel their warranty coverage? Not to worry.
CoverageOne offers a pro-rated retail refund at the time of trade-in regardless of any claims that occurred during the term of the contract.

Dealer profit is protected regardless of claims.
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with this amazing benefit.

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We are proud to offer a wide range of CoverageOne warranty plans to ensure your customers can get the right amount of coverage for their unique needs. From basic powertrain coverage to all-encompassing plans that cover every component of their vehicle, with the exception of a small list of exclusions, there is a CoverageOne aftermarket vehicle warranty for them. Find out why this is one of the best aftermarket vehicle warranties available for your customers with the information below:
Transfer Case
Drive Axle
Air Conditioner
Fuel Delivery
Cooling System
Enhanced Electrical
Additional Coverage

Coverageone eliminator

The CoverageOne Eliminator plan is the basic car repair warranty insurance available for customers, but it still packs a ton of value into the plan. This package covers the customer’s engine, turbo/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, and drive axle, commonly known as powertrain warranty coverage.

Coverageone guardian

The CoverageOne Guardian plan is the next step up from the basic Eliminator plan. It covers everything that is included in the Eliminator plan and includes additional coverage for the steering components, brakes, and air conditioning on the customer’s vehicle.

Coverageone sentinel

CoverageOne Sentinel is the middle of the pack in terms of aftermarket vehicle warranty plans. It includes everything in the Eliminator and Guardian plans but has additional coverage for the customer’s electrical and fuel delivery systems on their vehicle.

Coverageone pinnacle

This incredible plan exceeds what is covered by other aftermarket vehicle warranties available. CoverageOne Pinnacle includes everything in the Eliminator, Guardian, and Sentinel plans, and adds coverage for the customer’s suspension, cooling system, and enhanced electrical coverage for some of the more obscure electrical components.

Coverageone ultimate

CoverageOne Ultimate is by far the best aftermarket vehicle warranty available today. Instead of specifying what is covered, only a small, select number of vehicle components are actually excluded from this mechanical breakdown coverage, making it a leader in the industry. This plan covers virtually every mechanical part on a customer’s vehicle. This industry leading automotive warranty coverage sets the gold standard for all aftermarket vehicle warranties. Your customers will be able to drive with confidence, knowing that their vehicle is completely covered.

*** For more information on CoverageOne warranties or to see a direct comparison of their vehicle warranty insurance plans, click here for more information.

Plans include

Roadside Assistance

The beauty of CoverageOne is that it doesn’t stop with incredible protection for your vehicle. The additional benefits give your customers a ton of added value in protection so they can drive with confidence.

Rental coverage

In the event of a breakdown, the customer’s vehicle rental is covered for up to 6 days while their vehicle is at a repair facility for a repair that has been covered by CoverageOne.

Trip Interuption

If a customer experiences a breakdown more than 160kms from the their home, they're reimbursed for up to 3 days of hotel and restaurant expenses up to the maximum amount allowed by their CoverageOne plan.


In the event the covered vehicle is disabled, whether the claim is covered under the plan or not, we will reimburse the customer’s towing expenses up to the maximum amount allowed by their CoverageOne plan.

Fuel Delivery

Out of gas? Not to worry. CoverageOne has fuel delivery included with every aftermarket vehicle warranty plan so your customers can travel with confidence.

Lost key / Lockout

If keys for the covered vehicle are lost, broken or accidentally locked inside, we will pay up to the maximum amount allowed by the customer’s plan for locksmith services.

Commonly asked questions


How does the program work?
We work with you to create branded aftermarket warranty programs that are designed for your Dealerships specific needs. No two dealerships are alike, and no two customers are alike. We listen to your needs and tailor the packages to ensure you are able to offer a product that your customers will love and one that will increase dealer profitability as well.
What do I need to get started?
All you need to do to get started on your journey towards real brand growth is give us a call. We start with a consultative meeting to better understand what you are looking for in a dealership Private Label warranty and work with you to create a white label insurance product that suits your dealership or group’s unique needs.
How does this benefit the customer?
Our dealership Private Label warranties and protect benefit the customer in several ways. The products are customer driven products that support the customer with all of the best coverages on the market! They improve the customer’s experience through additional coverage and will help the customer for years down the road. They will have the coverage they need to enjoy their new vehicle without having to worry about what may come up later on.