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We’re helping provide the best aftermarket protection programs and dealership automotive coverage solutions across Canada. We work closely with dealerships to increase customer retention through building meaningful relationships, trust, and peace of mind for your customers through our comprehensive suite of extended warranty programs, service contracts, insurance coverages, and membership programs. Extend your brand, increase profitability, and create customers for life with these incredible programs.

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Want to drive greater profits while creating a better overall customer experience? You need to see our list of dealership automotive protection programs. We have the protection your customers are seeking and create an experience that will put them at ease, knowing that your dealership has their back regardless of what happens later on down the road.


Custom, Private Label Solutions
Supercharge your protection solutions with personalized, white label programs, custom-tailored to your needs. Our Private Label solutions help your dealership stand out in the crowd and offer customers a branded approach. From branded marketing materials to unique coverage offerings, tailored pricing, and quality products. Our private label programs are the best non-manufacturer warranties and membership programs available on the market, and they can be exclusively yours.


360-Degree Automotive Warranty Coverage
We take pride in being able to deliver the most progressive and comprehensive, 360-degree automotive warranty coverage solutions throughout Canada. Our trusted warranty products have been leading the industry since 1919 – virtually covering every component on the vehicle. Make sure your customers have the right amount of coverage when a mechanical breakdown occurs. This program is a great way to give customers exceptional value and peace-of-mind in the event of a mechanical breakdown.


Like it never happened
Give your customers peace of mind and let them know you have their back when they need it the most with our Road Hazard Programs. The most comprehensive Programs offered in the marketplace. Protection from poor road conditions, construction sites, parking lots, and whatever else customers may experience later on down the road. This is the best way for customers to keep their vehicle's cosmetics looking showroom fresh with our industry-leading Road Hazard and Appearance Protection Coverage.


Pure Surface Protection
We’re proud to offer our dealership and detail partners the most advanced paint protection coating available on the market today complete with a 5-year guarantee. P2 GRAPHENE PURE™ is a nano-coating that protects vehicles from UV Rays, Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, and more! Its superior hydrophobic properties also prevent water spotting up to 75% better and keep vehicles looking cleaner than conventional ceramic coatings. To top it all off, vehicles will have a greater colour depth and an incredibly reflective shine. This is the next generation of vehicle protection coatings. Offer your customers PURE Surface Protection and protect their vehicles today.


Safeguard customers with Financial Loss Membership Protection!
Financial Loss Protection covers customers from unexpected curve balls such as an accident that’s deemed a write-off, or an unrecovered theft, leaving them in a negative equity situation because their insurance provider will not cover the amount owing on the vehicle.

Theft Protection Membership

Safeguard customers with comprehensive Theft coverage
According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada a vehicle is stolen approximately every 6 minutes and an experienced thief can steal a car in as little as 30 seconds. We make it easy and pain-free. In the event of a theft, a dealer loyalty credit is awarded providing an additional sum of money over and above what your primary insurer would pay. In certain scenarios, this program also covers the costs associated with recovering the vehicle or the costs of being without a vehicle.

Job Loss Protection Membership

Rest eaasy with job security
This membership program is for Membership for Finance, Lease & Line of Credit purchases. In today’s world, job security is questionable. Our Job Loss Membership has your customers covered for their monthly vehicle payment, credit line protection and cash purchases. Help them buy that vehicle confidently knowing they will be able to make their vehicle payments regardless of what happens. This is payment protection when customers need it the most.


Safeguard customers with FLIP!
Financial Loss Protection covers customers from unexpected curve balls such as an accident that’s deemed a write-off, or an unrecovered theft, leaving them in a negative equity situation because their insurance provider will not cover the amount owing on the vehicle. Incident protection covers customers when a vehicle has a declaration on the title that would affect the trade in value. This coverage will make up the difference in value so the customer is not in a negative equity situation. Our Financial Loss and Incident Protection (FLIP) membership program is a fantastic way to provide your customers with additional protection on their investment.

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Aftermarket Extended warranties that deliver

These non-manufacturer automotive warranties will help give your dealership the quality F&I products needed to succeed in a marketplace that is more competitive than ever before. Third-party automotive warranties are a great way to offer your customers additional coverage, provide more options that suit their unique needs, and increase dealer profitability at the same time. If you would like more information about any of these products or our Private Label solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our representatives will be happy to help you find the right aftermarket extended warranty solutions to meet your needs

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Our team of problem-solving dealer support experts, claims resolution team, and our leadership crew are focused on making automotive dealerships more profitable while providing leading warranty, membership and protection solutions that are the best in the market for their customers’ needs. Our team is devoted to creating happy, returning customers.