RV Shield

RV Road Hazard Coverage & Cosmetic Protection

RV Road Hazard Coverage and Cosmetic Protection covers RV owners from unexpected damage from road hazards such as rim damage, windshield chips, paint and exterior finish protection, and more. Cosmetic and wear & tear items are generally out of our control; protect your customer’s resale value, lower reconditioning costs upon trade-in, and keep your customers’ RVs looking new with our RV Road Hazard & Cosmetic Protection. This is the only RV Road Hazard coverage available in the industry. If you want to make your dealership stand out from the crowd and offer your valued customers additional protection on their investment - this is a program you need to see.

Worry free adventures

RV protection plans that will keep your RV or travel trailer rolling during any type of adventure

Our industry-first RV Road Hazard coverage program, RV SHIELD has progressive coverage for all kinds of road hazards and the cosmetic damage they may cause. We’re sure that this program will offer ample coverage for the needs of your customers and their RV.

Protection Plan

Rv shield rv road hazard coverage

Tire + rim repair

If the RVs tires or rims get damaged due to a road hazard, owners are covered for unlimited repair and/or replacement claims. This is a great way to give your customers some added confidence to take that next road trip with their RV!

Exterior decal coverage

After a few years of ownership, your customers may start to experience some problems with the exterior decals on their RV. The cracking or peeling of an RVs exterior decals are covered up to $500 per service contract.

Interior upholstery repair

Accidental rips and tears, burns and punctures are covered up to $200 per occurrence with a maximum of two claims per service contract. Your customers can cook and hang out inside of their RV without having to worry.

Key / Remote replacement

Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged key or remote transmitter is as annoying as it is expensive. Your customers will never have to worry about where their keys went while hanging out around the campfire again. The customer is covered for up to $800 in replacement costs per year.

Exterior light damage replacement

If the customer’s headlights, tail lights, fog lights or even a marker light are damaged due to road hazards, they’re covered for repair or replacement costs up to $1000 per service contract. Your customers will never be left in the dark during their travels again!

Paintless dent repair

Let’s face it, accidents can happen in the RV park and when backing into a camping spot. Your customers can rest easy about dents requiring paintless dent repair; they are covered for up to $150 per occurrence, with an unlimited number of repairs per service contract.

Awning Arms + fabric

Let’s face it - the wind and weather can change out of nowhere. That shouldn’t stop the customer from enjoying their awning! Should the customer’s awning arms and/or fabric become damaged due to wind, rain or inclement weather, they are covered for up to $1250 per claim with one claim per service contract.

Exterior glass repair

When minor front windshield chips occur due to flying rock and random road debris, your customers are covered for repairs up to $75 per occurrence; with unlimited repairs per service contract. If the windshield or any exterior glass needs to be replaced, the customer is also covered. A deductible of up to $500 can be reimbursed; one claim per service contract.

Roof top vent replacement

Roof vents can take a beating in your travels. From debris to crazy weather the customer may encounter, should their roof top vents experience damage, they are covered for up to 4 roof top vents per service contract (covers not included) and up to $500 per service contract.

Even more value


Eligible for new, pre-owned and leased RV’s and Travel Trailers

Up to 5 years of coverage for domestic, import & luxury units

No deductible on any road hazard protection plan

Fully transferable to a new owner

Customer Care Centre to resolve claims quickly

Post Sale options available

Commonly asked questions

GET THE FAQs on road hazard

We’ve got the customer covered. We will reimburse them for the amounts outlined in the policy in the event the original selling dealer or service centre is unable to accomodate the needs of the customer in their travels. Talk about added peace of mind for hitting the open road!

Yes, claims can be made in Canada or the continental United States. Your customers are free to travel across the border with the RV and will enjoy complete RV protection in the United States with this program.

No, they’ll still be able to receive the benefit. We advise that they make the glass claim through your insurance provider, and we will reimburse you for your deductible amount up to $500. See the terms and conditions of RV Shield for more information.

Yes, RV Shield will replace any unrepairable wheels and tires affected by the road hazard up to the maximum total claim aggregate amount of $10,000.

Yes, RV Shield is cancellable within 30 days of the purchase date at the original selling dealer.

Yes RV Shield is transferable to a private purchaser. A $50+GST transfer fee will apply.