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Video: P2 GRAPHENE PURE™ Installation

How to Apply P2 GRAPHENE PURE™ In this video, we go over how to apply a P2 GRAPHENE PURE coating to a vehicle. Graphene coatings are the most advanced surface protection technology available. They provide a significant improvement over a conventional ceramic coating. The application process allows more working and

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Xtended RV

Video: Motorized and Towable RV Coverage – Xtended RV

We would like to share with you some of the amazing benefits of the Xtended RV (formerly XtraRide) RV Program. Your RV is so much more than just a way to get from A to B. So rather than modifying a warranty plan designed for your grocery-getter, the Xtended RV

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RV Shield

Video: RV Road Hazard Coverage – RV Shield

We would like to share some valuable information about the RV Shield Road Hazard and Cosmetic Protection Program. We will cover key details to give you a better understanding of all the amazing benefits. Are you planning an epic adventure? When you are hitting the open road, you will come

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Road Hazard

Video: Road Hazard + Cosmetic Protection Today, we will share with you the amazing coverage from Auto Shield available to your customers. One thing that I feel is very important to know before I proceed, is that service departments also love this program. We have quick and easy online claim submissions and a dedicated Dealer

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Private Label

Video: Elevate Your Brand – YWT Private Label Protection Products

Over the next 2 mins we will cover some key details about our Private Label program. Your Warranty Team can create lifelong customers through collaboration, continuous innovation and trust. With our turnkey Private Label solutions and your Dealers personal brand, together we can drive sustainable retention as well as increased

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Dealer Relations

Video: Industry-Leading Claims Resolution – Dealer Relations

We’d like to take 2 minutes to share some key details on how Your Warranty Team will earn you customers for life.  Our unrivalled Dealer Relations Department will handle your claims with real service driving complete customer satisfaction. While the features and benefits of Vehicle Protection Programs for finance departments

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Video: Mechanical Breakdown Protection from CoverageOne

Over the next two and a half minutes, I would like to share some valuable information about your CoverageOne warranty program. I will cover key details to give you a better understanding of your benefits. CoverageOne has earned a reputation for exceptional expertise, service and value, and is backed by

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