Road Hazard

Complete automotive road hazard coverage & cosmetic protection

Our Automotive Road Hazard coverage provides protection from unexpected damage such as tire + wheel, curb rash, dents + dings, paint + scratch repairs, lost key fobs, upholstery rips, tears, and burns, windshield chips, windshield replacements, and headlights, taillights, and fog lights.

This program drastically increases customer trade-in value and lowers reconditioning costs for the Dealer. If your customers are looking for peace of mind when it comes to the unexpected costs of vehicle ownership, this is the best way to ensure they are protected.

Like it never happened

Our road hazard protection plans will keep you rolling

We have five plans for Road Hazard Protection. Road Hazard PACK, Road Hazard LITE, Road Hazard, Road Hazard PLUS, and Road Hazard PRO. These programs offer flexible protection based on the needs of your customer and their vehicle.

Road Hazard
pack & lite

Road Hazard coverage

Road Hazard


Road Hazard



Road Hazard PACK and LITE are our basic Road Hazard protection plans, however provide good value to the customer. These programs have been designed to offer protection for the most common road hazards like flat tires, curbing rims, and the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged keys + fobs.


  • To create an additional profit opportunity for the Dealership + Sales Department
  • Provide the Customer a sample size offering of the Full Road Hazard Program
  • The Finance Office will have the opportunity to upgrade the customer to the Full Road Hazard Program. The customer will have the ability to choose what is right for them which will improve F&I sales conversions.
  • The goal is to create additional profit for the Dealership.
  • The Pack Program requires 100% Dealer participation, all vehicles will need to participate in the PACK/LITE program or be upgraded to the full Road Hazard Program.

It’s important to note that Road Hazard PACK has smaller claim limits than the Road Hazard LITE and is only available on a 12 month term.

tire + rim repair

Should the customer’s tires or rims get damaged due to a road hazard, they are covered for repair and/or replacement claims.


We have all bumped into a curb in a grocery store parking lot/drive-through, or when parallel parking before. When wheel damage happens due to accidental scrapes against medians, potholes and curbs, we cover that too! These programs enable the customer to make an unlimited number of claims to protect themselves from curb damage.

Key / Remote Replacement

Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged key or remote transmitter is as annoying as it is expensive for customers. Not anymore, we have this covered to take some of the sting away from the bill.


Our Road Hazard Coverage protection program has everything that is included in the Road Hazard LITE program and more. This program also features a higher aggregate and larger claim amounts to ensure that the customer has the protection they need for their vehicle purchase. If you’re interested in this increased level of coverage for your dealership, please contact one of our Dealer Development Sales Representatives.

The additional coverage in this program includes:

interior protection

Accidents happen!
From accidental spills, rips and tears to burns, punctures, and stains, customers are covered for repairs and cleaning during the term of the service contract. Customers will be able to drink that coffee or eat ice cream with confidence with this protection product.


Don’t let your customers get caught in the dark. Let them rest easy knowing if their headlights, taillights, even fog lights are damaged due to road hazards, they are covered for repair or replacement under this service contract.
*Some limitations apply*

Paint + scratch repair

Paint damage can be unpleasant. Keys, tree branches, and parking lot scars from other vehicles can leave unsightly scratches on the customer’s vehicle. Scratches requiring paint are covered for repair on this service contract. This will fix scratches up to 30cm in length on the customer’s vehicle.

Windshield repair + replacement

Customers won’t have to cringe when gravel trucks come out in the wintertime. When minor chips and cracks occur due to random road debris, the customer is covered for an unlimited number of repairs to their front windshield. If a replacement is required, the customer will have a coverage option to fit their needs and get them back to seeing clearly while driving down the road.

Towing + Rental Coverage

If the customer experiences an unrepairable flat tire during the service contract, they will have towing coverage. In cases where repairs covered under this program on the customer’s vehicle will take longer than one day to fix, we will keep them rolling. Road Hazard coverage will ensure they have a rental car for a reasonable amount of time. Not only are they protected from road hazards, but we also ensure that the experience is convenient for the customer.

Paintless dent repair

It’s safe to say almost everyone has gone shopping for something and come back to a dent in a tight parking space. If the customer gets a ding or dent on their vehicle, they are covered for an unlimited number of claims. This will ensure the quick and easy removal of minor dings and dents up to two inches in size so the customer can park almost anywhere confidently. Never worry about nasty door dings and dents again!


Our Road Hazard PLUS protection program has everything that is included in the Road Hazard Coverage program with larger claim limits on key and remote, paint and scratch, windshield and glass, as well as headlight, taillight, and fog lights.

The increased coverages for these items makes Road Hazard PLUS ideal for customers that are looking for additional protection.


The Road Hazard PRO program was designed with high-end, sport and luxury vehicles in mind. This program increases coverage in the form of larger claim limits and total aggregates on tire and rim repair, wheel cosmetics, key and remote, interior protection, paintless dent repair, paint and scratch repair, windshield and glass repair/replacement, headlights, taillights, fog lights, and towing and rental car reimbursement. This package is ideal for customers that are looking for the ultimate protection with Road Hazard Coverage on high-end vehicles that are very expensive to repair.

Plans include


The most progressive and complete Road Hazard coverage in the industry

Eligible for new, pre-owned & leased vehicles

no deductible on all protection plans

fully transferable to A new owner

Customer Care Centre to resolve claims quickly and easily

Offering 5 years of coverage for domestic, import & luxury vehicles

Unique coverage solutions to ensure your customers needs are met

Commonly asked questions

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If you have moved away or the selling dealer is unavailable, take your claims to any licenced repair facility in your area. Please contact the customer care department for more information on where you can find a licensed repair facility. Call 1-877-213-4545 or email

Yes! Call our customer care department (1-877-213-4545) or email them ( to let them know of the mishap and they will help you proceed with the claim, anywhere in North America.

Absolutely! You can mess up and clean up before anyone is the wiser!

So long as you have the Road Hazard Coverage protection plan, Road Hazard PLUS or Road Hazard PRO, paintless dent repairs are covered for an unlimited number of claims. Never worry about door dings and dents again!