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We would like to share some valuable information about the RV Shield Road Hazard and Cosmetic Protection Program. We will cover key details to give you a better understanding of all the amazing benefits. Are you planning an epic adventure? When you are hitting the open road, you will come across many different road conditions. Country roads take me home! But preferably without potholes. 

Tire + Wheel Coverage for RVs

Let’s start out with the unlimited coverage on wheel and tire replacements. We have personally experienced many flat tires over the years and can tell you that most of them occurred when we weren’t financially prepared for the unexpected cost. Tires aren’t cheap, and if you find yourself with an unrepairable wheel and tire at the same time, that could easily run you upwards of $1200! 

RV Exterior Decal Coverage

This program gives you peace of mind, and as you can see, one claim can almost pay for the policy itself! Be the freshest RV in the park. Keep your RV looking sharp and shiny with our decal coverage. Replace your cracked or peeling decals and let the Joneses try to keep up with you! 

Lost, Stolen and Damaged Key + Remote Coverage

Have you ever lost your keys in the woods? Dropped a set in the campfire? Perhaps someone just walked off with your set thinking it was theirs! If you have, you probably remember the cost involved to replace and recode the new set. Lost, stolen, or damaged keys are all covered in this program. 

RV Interior Protection

Be the envy of the campground! Protect your interior with leather, vinyl or cloth upholstery repairs. Accidental rips, tears, burns can happen, especially in the wilderness! Protect your asset and resale value with this coverage. Being prepared for the unexpected sounds easier than it is. 

Coverage for RV Awnings + awning Arms

Wind and rainstorms can show up out of the blue… literally! Should your awning arms or fabric become damaged due to an act of God, we’ve got you covered! 

RV Paintless Dent Repair

Do you find yourself parking on busy RV sites or making supply runs in little grocery store parking lots? Small spots, close parkers, kids with sports equipment in close range. No one likes dents and dings, but with this program, you can fix them every time they occur, as again, this portion of the policy is unlimited. Still, maybe use the slingshot at the lake, Billy! 

RV Paint + Scratch Coverage

Some of these close parkers also like to do a little bit more damage and may also remove some paint when parking too close. Luckily there is also paint coverage to have those mishaps covered as well. 

Do you see the value here? We know we do! 

RV Exterior Glass Coverage

Windshield cracks happen, and usually in the sightline. Deductible reimbursement or allotment to customers without insurance coverage is pretty much a freebie at this point! If kids playing ball in a nearby site accidentally smash out your window, we will look after that too! No need to chase the kids off the grounds…. YET! 

RV Headlight + Taillight + Fog Light Coverage

Fog lights are so low to the ground on most RVs. If you walk around an RV park, you may notice some are cracked or broken. Maybe even on your own! Your RV protection Program will cover this when regular comprehensive insurance does not. If you don’t have fog lights, you can also cover headlight, taillight or marker light damage. And with no need to use your comprehensive coverage, you will avoid monthly premium increases. 

RV Rooftop Vent Coverage

Watch out for those low-hanging branches! Should your rooftop vents experience damage, get a new one…. Because you can! 

We Have You Covered for All of Your RV Adventures

Are you heading out on a fantastic road trip? Lucky! You’ll be comforted to know that claims can be handled anywhere in North America, so you can enjoy your trip and leave your worries behind. 

This is a wonderful program with unlimited claim options and amazing coverage. While we never know what will happen on the road, we do know you’re covered!


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