Theft coverage


It is absolutely heartbreaking when someone’s RV has been stolen, and they didn’t have an adequate amount of RV theft insurance coverage to protect them. It can put an immediate end to a season’s worth of travel and adventure. Losses and costs can add up significantly. For this reason, we created our RV Theft Protection Membership program to protect customers should the unthinkable happen.

Drive with confidence


Vehicle theft is one of the most common police-reported offences, and RVs are unfortunately not immune. An experienced thief can steal an RV in as little as thirty seconds. Help your customers protect their investment and financial security by providing them with RV theft protection.

Added value


Our RV theft protection membership program comes with added value for your customers that they wouldn’t receive from standard theft insurance coverage. Insurance companies don’t always do everything needed to help your customer get back on track after having their RV stolen. This is why we offer these exclusive membership advantages to help your customers when they need it most.
$6,000 In-Store Member Credit
Includes $5,000 Replacement Vehicle Reimbursement
Includes up to $1,000 Expense Reimbursement
Rental Car & Accommodations

If your customer’s RV is stolen and not recovered, it is considered a total loss by the customer’s primary insurance carrier. In this case, additional coverage will be provided by the RV theft membership program. Customers will receive a $6,000 in-store member credit at the original selling dealership towards the purchase of a new RV.

To further safeguard customers, they will receive a rental car, trip interruption coverage to help cover the costs incurred by losing an RV in the middle of a trip, and accommodations so they have a place to stay.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure your customers are covered every step of the way. We understand that being without their RV for an extended period of time can be difficult for your customer. Thankfully, their RV theft protection membership will help ease the transition into their new RV.

$2,600 In-Store Member Credits
Includes up to $1,000 deductible Reimbursement (for repairs)
Includes up to $1,000 Expense Reimbursement
Rental Car & Accommodations
Includes up to $600 Airfare Reimbursement

The RV Theft membership program will also help the customer recondition their RV if it is stolen and recovered. The in-store inspection and repair of theft-related damage are covered up to $1000 at the original selling dealership.

Again, to further safeguard customers, a rental car and trip interruption coverage of $1000 is included to help cover the costs incurred by losing an RV in the middle of a trip, and accommodations so they have a place to stay.

If the RV is recovered far from home, One-way airfare of $600 is included to help ensure the customer can easily get where they need to go to recover their RV and help cover the costs of getting it back home.

We want to ensure the customer is covered from the moment their trailer or motorhome is stolen until the moment the dealership hands over a new set of keys, or, better yet, their RV has been recovered. The goal of our RV Theft Protection Membership Program is to protect your customers from the unexpected.

Commonly asked questions


No. This membership is not to be used in place of theft insurance coverage from a primary insurance policy. This membership program has been designed to cover the costs incurred by the customer that are associated with having their RV stolen. Think of it as bonus coverage that helps cover additional costs that a primary insurer would not cover when a trailer or motorhome has been stolen.

If the customer’s RV is stolen and recovered more than 800km away from their home, this membership program will cover the cost of their one-way airfare to the nearest airport and any required accommodations so that the customer can recover their vehicle.

This membership program is open to all applicants that are a natural person, a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years of age so long as they are not in a corporation, partnership, or any other form of business entity. Customers that meet these requirements and are buying a recreational vehicle can be covered with this RV theft coverage membership.

There are some important limitations to note with this RV theft protection membership.

  1. This membership is only valid when the RV has been purchased through an authorized dealership, and the membership fee has been paid.

  2. This is a limited membership, and ASC will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages arising from a vehicle theft. This includes, but is not limited to:

    - Inconvenience;
    - Personal injury;
    - Property damage;
    - Commercial loss;
    - Loss of life.

  3. This membership does not provide coverage for any loss caused by misuse, abuse, or negligence. This includes leaving the vehicle unlocked or the keys in the vehicle while unattended.

  4. The maximum aggregate member benefit under this membership shall be equal to the amount of $6,000 (CAD).

  5. No in-store member credit will be made where a primary insurance carrier settlement has not yet been reached. All member benefits are conditional upon the member obtaining all other reimbursements to which they are entitled through their primary insurance policy.

  6. Should the replacement vehicle be valued at less than $5,000, the maximum in-store member credit will be the lesser of and limited to the vehicle’s Canadian Black Book value on the date of loss.