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Get out and explore in confidence with our Canadian RV Coverage Solutions designed to provide the ultimate protection and 360 degree coverage.

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Custom, Private Label Solutions
Crank up your RV Coverage Solutions with personalized, white label programs, custom tailored to your needs. Our Private Label solutions help your RV dealership stand out in the crowd with a custom, branded approach to protection solutions. Our experts will sit down with your team 1 on 1, to determine the best solutions for your dealership to offer its customers.


Like it never happened
RV SHIELD provides coverage and cosmetic protection to RV owners from unexpected damage that they may experience from road hazards. This program provides protection for damage to rims, glass, awnings, roof vents, paint, decals or exterior finish, and more. This is the only RV road hazard program available in the industry. Learn more about how you can protect your customers today.


360-Degree Automotive Warranty Coverage
Delivering the most comprehensive, 360 degree RV warranty protection solutions throughout Canada. Our trusted RV warranty products have been leading the RV industry since 1996. XtraRide has been serving Canadian RV Dealers and their customers at an exceptional level. Their programs are Canadian owned and fully underwritten by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, an A rated Canadian Insurer. We provide RV Dealerships with worry free mechanical breakdown coverage, at any licensed repair facility, anywhere your customers may travel throughout North America.


PURE Surface Protection
We’re proud to offer our dealership and group partners the most advanced paint protection coating available on the market today. Complete with a 5-year guarantee and 100% satisfaction. P2 GRAPHENE PURE™ is a nano-coating that protects RVs from UV rays, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, and more! Its superior hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties also prevent water spotting and keep RVs looking cleaner than other coatings. To top it all off, RVs will have a greater colour depth and an incredibly reflective shine. This is pure surface protection for your customers.

Theft Protection

Safeguard customers with comprehensive theft coverage
Having an RV stolen is a traumatic, trip ruining experience. We make it easy and pain-free for customers to get help when it’s needed the most. Including reimbursements for car rentals and accommodations, insurance deductibles and even airfare when the RV is stolen far away from home.


Safeguard RV customers with FLIP!
Financial Loss Coverage (FL)
Protect customers from unexpected curve balls such as an accident that’s deemed a write-off, or an unrecovered theft, leaving them in a negative equity situation because their insurance provider will not cover the amount owing on the RV.

Incident Protection Coverage (IP)
Alternatively, if the RV is involved in an accident, the damage caused to the RV could cause it to lose value. This also leaves the customer in a negative equity situation when trading in their trailer or motorhome. Our Incident Protection coverage enables the member to access funds at the original selling dealer that can be used to offset the negative equity position.

Job Loss Membership

Rest easy with job security
In today’s world, job security is questionable and life events when unemployed are the things that nightmares are made of. To give your customers some peace of mind, our Job Loss membership has your customers covered for their monthly payments, whether it be a loan, lease, credit line or even a cash purchase.

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Our team of warranty specialists, dealer support experts and leadership group are focused on making your RV dealership more profitable, while providing leading protection solutions. We strive to help you create happy, returning customers.