Private Label

Standout in a crowd with custom rv dealership PRIVATE LABEL SOLUTIONS

There has never been a better time to build brand loyalty. Our custom-tailored RV Dealership Private Label solutions offer the best protection in the industry for your valued customers. Your brand and marketing identity is the heart of our Private Label Warranty package, which includes custom-developed marketing materials, product videos, a sales portal, agreements and more. Now is the time to elevate your brand, create real customer loyalty and repeat business. Let our full suite of aftermarket protection solutions help turn your brand into an empire.

Why go Private Label?


With Private Label, the benefits are clear

Build customer loyalty

Our comprehensive aftermarket warranty and protection solutions will build your brand identity. The protection you provide will highlight your company’s outstanding level of customer protection and satisfaction.


Our dealership Private Label warranty and protection products help put your customers at ease when purchasing an RV, knowing that your dealership will have them covered regardless of what happens down the road.


Your customers already know and trust your brand. Streamline your sales by skipping the third party sales pitch and give them what they came for. We handle everything from the creation of the white label insurance products to the marketing materials. Offer your customers convenience and peace of mind with our Private Label Warranty and protection solutions.


We’re here to help you offer your customers what they need most - peace of mind. We offer some of the most competitive benefits in the industry with our dealership Private Label warranty and protection solutions. This directly translates to increasing your dealership’s profitability through brand loyalty and growing lifelong customers.


Create a purchase experience that your customers will be raving about for years to come. Our white label dealership extended warranty program and protection solutions create an experience that caters to the needs of your customers and gives them a sense of security. Our Private Label warranty products offer an incomparable personal experience creating brand ambassadors from your valuable customers.

Turnkey Solutions

We do all the heavy lifting, providing a proven, turn-key solution for your rv dealership

Finance Office Product Solutions

We have developed protection products that are ready to go so that your dealership will have a hassle free solution to wow your customers and create an additional revenue stream.

Custom Marketing

Anyone can stamp your label on a brochure and call it done. At Your Warranty Team, we believe in creating a tailored solution that matches your brand’s tone and style. We offer a custom, branded look that matches your Dealership's Brand Identity. This attention to detail will not go unnoticed by your customers. Elevate your brand and grow your profits at the same time.

Sales portal & agreements

There will be no headaches when you work with us for a Private Label solution. We take pride in making the process as smooth as possible for our dealer partners.  Our team provides all of the necessary print tools and agreements to easily sell your brand’s aftermarket warranty and protection products to your customers.

Dedicated dealer relations support team

Our dedicated claims team will provide your Service Department with training and support for quick and easy claims resolutions to keep your customers happy and get them back on the road. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure that every touchpoint in your Private Label experience is flawless.

Customer retention in mind

Our aftermarket warranties and protection solutions are designed to keep your customers returning to your dealership. We want to create an easy and memorable end to end experience for everyone that purchases a white label warranty so they will be more inclined to purchase another vehicle from your dealership in the future. Your success is our success. We’re in this together to create lifelong customers that will rave about your Private Label products and the experience they have had.

Commonly asked questions


We work with you to create branded aftermarket warranty programs that are designed for your Dealerships specific needs. No two dealerships are alike, and no two customers are alike. We listen to your needs and tailor the packages to ensure you are able to offer a product that your customers will love and one that will increase your profitability as well.

All you need to do to get started on your journey towards real brand growth is give us a call. We will start with a consultative approach to better understand your needs. Once we gain an understanding of what you are looking for in your dealership Private Label warranty, we work with you to create the perfect white label insurance products to compliment your dealership or group and promote real brand growth.

Our dealership Private Label program protects and benefits the customer in several ways. We provide customer driven products with the best coverages on the market! They enhance the customer’s experience through proven protection products for many years down the road. The customer will have the worry-free coverage needed to enjoy their new RV, knowing that your dealership or group has them covered.