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Today, we will share with you the amazing coverage from Auto Shield available to your customers. One thing that I feel is very important to know before I proceed, is that service departments also love this program. We have quick and easy online claim submissions and a dedicated Dealer Relations team to help out whenever we’re needed. We provide on-the-ground training and regular follow-ups. Service advisors can contact us directly for issue resolution. This leaves Finance Managers free to focus on new deals with the peace of mind that your customers will be taken care of and know they purchased a superior program.

Unlimited Coverage on Tire + Wheel Replacements

We have personally experienced many flat tires over the years and can tell you that most of them occurred when we weren’t financially prepared for the unexpected cost. Tires aren’t cheap these days, and if you find yourself with an unrepairable wheel and tire at the same time, that could easily run you upwards of $1800.00. Even more on premium brands. Auto Shield gives peace of mind, and as you can see, one claim can easily pay for the policy itself! Have you had any personal experiences with flats or costly repairs?

Wheels are so fancy today, two-toned, three-toned, machined, black and shiny, black and matte, etc. and wow, they cost so much!  One little parking slip-up can easily cost you over $300.00 just to repair! I know I have curbed mine more than a few times. Are parking spots getting tighter, or is it just me? You can now afford to keep those rims looking shiny and perfect and also look as though you are an amazing driver ( winky face )! What’s even better is that wheel repairs are Unlimited. You now have room to mess up and clean up before anyone is the wiser!

Damaged or Lost Key + Remote Replacements

Have you ever misplaced a key, keyfob or remote? Had your bag stolen, or someone just walked off with your set thinking it was theirs? If you have, you probably remember the cost involved to replace and recode the new one. The technology involved in these keyless entry systems is very expensive; I know I don’t want to spend $600.00 or more replacing one if something were to happen. Lost, stolen, or damaged keys/remotes are all covered in this program. Now that’s a relief.

I am not sure if you see the math here, but we are only on the third item, and Auto Shield Road Hazard has already paid for itself, maybe a few times over!

Interior Protection 

Keep the interior clean and nick-free with interior cleaning and leather/vinyl or cloth repairs. I know I have had lighter interiors stained by my darker denim jeans in the past; again this is a great opportunity to keep your investment looking brand new!  

Paintless Dent Repair

I don’t know about you, but I unfortunately find myself parking in school parking lots, grocery stores, malls, and tight restaurant parking stalls. Small spots and close parkers? I can’t seem to park far enough away to miss the door dingers of the world. I have tried parking in the farthest end of a parking lot by myself and have come back to one car parked on either side of me surrounded by many other free spots! Yes, I have dings, and they will continue to happen, but with Auto Shield’s, Road Hazard Program, I can fix them every time they occur, as again, this portion of the policy is unlimited! This is great because something about a door ding shining in the sunlight really irks me.  

Paint + Scratch Repair

Some of these close parkers also like to do a little bit more damage and may also remove some paint when parking too close; luckily there is also paint coverage to have those mishaps covered as well. Do you see the value here? I know I am.

Windshield + Glass Repair and Replacement 

Windshield cracks happen, and usually in the site line, deductible reimbursement or allotment to customers without insurance coverage is pretty much a freebie at this point. I know I do a windshield every year after a harsh winter; this is fantastic peace of mind knowing that I won’t be out of pocket for the rock that flew out from that truck tire directly at me.

Headlight, Taillight + Fog Light Replacement

Fog Lights are so low to the ground on most vehicles; if you walk around a parking lot, you may notice many are cracked or broken, maybe even on your own car? Auto Shield Road Hazard will cover this if regular insurance does not. If you don’t have fog lights, you can also cover headlight or taillight damage, and with no need to use your Comprehensive coverage, you will avoid monthly premium increases. (money flying out of wallet )

Towing/Car Rental Coverage

Need to tow your car back home or to the dealership due to a lost key or a flat tire? You are covered. If repairs will take longer than a day, take advantage of Auto Shield’s rental coverage!

That’s a Wrap!

Auto Shield Road Hazard is a wonderful program with unlimited claim options and amazing coverage. While we never know what will happen on the road, we do know we are prepared.


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