Job Loss


In today’s world, job security is sometimes questionable. We can never fully prepare ourselves for the “what ifs” in life, but at least we can be financially prepared for them. Give your customers a sense of security when purchasing a new vehicle with automotive Job Loss Coverage. Job Loss Coverage will cover monthly vehicle lease and loan payments, credit line protection, and even cash purchases for up to six months. This is a great way to provide additional value to customers and set them up for success.

*Note: This Protection Product is not available in British Columbia at this time.

Designed around you



Losing a job due to unforeseen circumstances is a challenging experience for anyone. That’s why we help customers receive Unemployment Coverage quickly and easily. Customers won’t have to worry about making car payments if their employment situation changes. 

We will help every applicant of this membership program find a new career or gainful employment and assist them with their vehicle payments through In-Store Member Credits for up to six months. 

Payment Protection

Available when you need it the most

This membership program helps applicants get back on their feet after losing their job. The member benefits and in-store credits in this membership program include:

Single & Joint coverage available to applicants of this membership program

Protection available for up to 84 months in this membership program

in-store member credits available for up to 6 months of vehicle payments

Coverage options of
$500, $750, or $1000
per month

$250 of in-store
member credits available for parts, service and sales

Two occurrences per membership are covered under this program

*In-Store Member Credits are only available at the original original selling dealer.

Coverage can be 100% financed and conveniently included within the monthly payment and it begins after a 90 Day Probation Period starting from the effective date on the enrollment form.

With coverage like this, customers won’t have to worry about losing their job due to unforeseen circumstances. They will be covered for the duration of time on the plan they have purchased and can ensure they are able to receive the amount of financial assistance needed to make their vehicle payments. When people don’t have to worry about making payments, they can stay focused on finding a better employment opportunities.

Helping Hand


Job Loss coverage doesn’t stop with In-Store Member Credits. This membership program was designed around your customers. We offer career search assistance along with this membership program to give applicants some added confidence and an advantage when searching for a new employment opportunity.


The applicant will receive a one-hour consultation with a certified career transition coach.

STEP 2) Personal Brand & Image Coaching

In this step, the certified transition coach will help the applicant develop a strong personal brand and image.

STEP 3) Career Search Coaching

In this step, applicants will receive job search and interview support from the certified transition coach.

STEP 4) Follow up consultation

In the final step of the career search assistance program, the certified transition coach will help job seekers get the most out of potential employment opportunities.

The goal of our career search assistance program is to help the members of our Job Loss program find gainful employment and ensure they are getting the most out of their new employment opportunity. We believe that true job loss protection and unemployment coverage comes from assisting people in finding an employment opportunity that is a good fit for them and to help them achieve their personal and financial goals.

Commonly asked questions


How long does this unemployment coverage protect the customer?
This membership program is available for 84-month terms and will protect the customer with vehicle payment coverage for up to six months. There are two occurrences included in this membership program.
How much vehicle payment coverage is available with this program?
Depending on what the customer is interested in, we have vehicle payment coverage options available for $500, $750, and $1000 per month. We want to ensure the customer is able to get an adequate amount of vehicle payment coverage when they need it the most.
What other benefits are included with automotive Job Loss Coverage?

This membership program was designed around real people. The unemployment coverage doesn’t end with payment protection. We also offer the Career Search Assistance program mentioned above. We feel that true financial protection comes from ensuring that the customer can find a secure employment opportunity to alleviate any financial stress.

In the event that I need automotive Job Loss Coverage, how can I get the claims process started?

That’s easy! Call our customer care department (1-888-406-4545) or email them ( to start a claim. Our claims representatives will need to get some information from you, but they will work with you so you receive your in-store member credits as soon as possible.